A Public Opinion Survey on the perception of Serbia and Serbs in Albania, conducted by the Albanian Institute for International studies shows that 44% of Albanian citizens think that two countries have normal relations, 20% that these relations are good, and 18% that they are bad. The relations between the two Governments are rated particularly well: normal 47%, good 23% and bad 14%. Also, 71% of Albanian citizens positively evaluate the increased inflow of Serbian tourists. Furthermore, 38% of Albanian citizens see Russia as the biggest threat, followed by Iran 20%, Serbia 18% and Greece 16%, and consider common economic interest and Kosovo as the strongest motives for mutual cooperation between the two countries. The presentation of research was held  on July 12th, 2023, in the Media Center in Belgrade. This research was carried out within the project ,,Joint Center for Albanian-Serbian relation”, which has been implemented since 2015, in cooperation among the European Movement in Serbia and the Albanian Institute for International studies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZu-N4smf_U