Explore the paths to the European Union with the new and ambitious project ‘Road-signs to the EU through Western Serbia and Šumadija’, implemented by the European Movement in Serbia and fully supported by the European Union. This project represents a crucial step towards strengthening understanding and support for the EU integration process, focusing on the regions of Western Serbia and Šumadija, which play a vital role in this journey towards European values.

Amidst increasing challenges and prejudices surrounding the EU integration process, the project ‘Road-signs to the EU through Western Serbia and Šumadija’ positions itself as a beacon of understanding and shared values that connect us with the European family of nations. As we confront growing negative narratives and misinformation, this project aims to empower citizens with information about the benefits and significance of EU integration, providing them with a clear path to a future of prosperity and stability.

With the support of the European Union, ‘Road-signs to the EU through Western Serbia and Šumadija’ does not stop at mere information dissemination but focuses on actively engaging citizens in this process. Through various forms of public events, workshops, educational materials, and online platforms, the project enables citizens to actively contribute to discussions, share their opinions and ideas, thus becoming key actors in shaping the European future.

Special emphasis is placed on the younger generations, given their crucial role in shaping the future of society. Through innovative approaches to youth education and engagement, ‘Road-signs to the EU through Western Serbia and Šumadija’ provides a platform for exchanging ideas, fostering dialogue, and promoting the common values that EU integration brings. Young people are not only agents of change but also the pillars of the future, so it is crucial that their voices are heard and that they feel part of the process.

‘Road-signs to the EU through Western Serbia and Šumadija’ is not just a project but a call to action and collective engagement. Let us together support this step towards a better future for all of us, building bridges between the past, present, and future, so that we may step into a European perspective full of possibilities and prosperity.