The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of the most serious global pandemic since Spanish flew in 1918/1920 and the most serious crisis since the World War II. We are yet to see the full size of the pandemic and how many thousands of lives will be lost by this global threat to the first and most important human right, the right to life.

Besides the health system shock and public health concerns, the Covid19 pandemic has deeply shaken political, social, justice, educational, economic and financial systems all over the World. This global threat has additionally put to the test global world order as we now it. However, it is putting some of its elements to greater test than the others. Human rights are the first concern, but economic, social, security, geopolitical consequences of the pandemic have been already widely discussed. The long list of emerging issues would be difficult to perceive at the moment. Just to list few of them: changes in the dominant social models and doctrines, logistic and technological challenges, scope of medical innovations, national and/or multilateral responses to global challenges…

It is expected that the Covid19 pandemic will induce a deep and prolonged social and economic crisis which could last at least two years. The fall of GDP in the global economy is expected to be 10-30% in the second quarter of 2020, with the negative growth rates lasting all through the year and millions of unemployed. However, the consequences of the crisis will be different in big and small economies, rich and poor countries.

Could we expect a different World after pandemic where nothing would remain the same? Is the “new normal” going to emerge? What will be the scope of the changes, in which crucial aspects, and who is going to shape and manage the changes?


Overall objective is to inform wider public and raise awareness on different aspects of the Covid19 pandemic and its possible consequences through involving qualified interlocutors from Serbia, other Western Balkan countries and the EU in envisioning the future of the region after this monumental global crisis ends.


Activities: Organization of public debates with participation of speakers from Serbia and abroad.

Project is financially supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.


Duration: June – December 2020