As part of the mentoring program for women Share Your Knowledge, an online webinar was organized: Marketing and Entrepreneurship in the corona time.

Encouraged by the changes caused by the COVID-19 crisis in the way we work in different sectors, we addressed the issues together: how much did the Corona change its way of thinking about marketing, how much digital marketing was helpful, what emerged as opportunities for development in this age, as well as the strength of cooperation and togetherness and the like.

Webinar trainers: Milica Čalija, director of the manufacturing company Anđeli Kolači, initiator of the #kupujmoizsrbije initiative during the COVID-19 crisis and alumni of the Share Your Knowledge program.

Mentors had the opportunity to hear how COVID-19 has influenced the trends in digital marketing, but also in which direction digital marketing is developing in general, especially on social networks. Through interactive and practical examples, Milica pointed out tricks and gave advice to mentors on how best to optimize their digital marketing and adapt it to the needs of their initiatives.