A webinar on Project Management and Financing was organized on Saturday, July 25th. Thanks to Danijela Matijević, HR expert and Agile coach at Agile Humans, the participants of the mentoring program had the opportunity to get acquainted with the principles of agile project management.

Agile Humans exists in Great Britain and Serbia. It is a certifying body and a leader in the region in the field of education in Agile methodologies. Agile Humans is also a registered trademark. The company has certified 626 attendees, and has been trusted by over 160 companies from over 10 countries. Agile Humans trainers held dozens of in-house trainings with clients from various industries, and guided over 30 companies through the agile transformation process. The company also cooperates with the coaches of all internationally recognized certification companies. He is a pioneer in the organization of training in scaled methodologies and Agile HR. The company also organizes the annual Agile Humans Day® conference.

Thanks to Danijela Matijević, the participants of the program were introduced to the principles of agile planning. Market demands are changing, and with them the ways of project management, among which agile stands out because it is based on constant checks, feedback and adjustment. During the interactive part, participants tried out agile planning tools, created a kanban board, and discussed their projects. The second session was about communication and leadership skills, and together we determined what the success of people in these positions is. We also touched on the topic of the presence of women in leadership positions and concluded that the hierarchy is “erased” in working together.

In the second part of the webinar, Mario Milaković, crowdfunding expert and founder of the social enterprise Super Bake, led a workshop on crowdfunding platforms and financing.

Social enterprise Super Bake – a workshop for making real, homemade and authentic cakes prepared by grandmothers, ie pensioners. Super Bake is a project of social entrepreneurship, ie a confectionery, which employs retired women (grandmothers) where they prepare homemade cakes according to a secret (grandmother’s) recipe and thus earn additional income on modest pensions.

The third session was dedicated to learning about the possibilities for alternative project financing through crowdfunding. Mario Milaković successfully started the social enterprise Super Bake through these platforms, and from his experience he shared tips for an effective campaign. Although this way of financing in our country has yet to reach its full potential, its advantages are numerous not only for financing, but also for animating the community or increasing the visibility of an idea.