First Workshop “She Manages!” on the Share Your Knowledge program in 2019, was held in the bright environment of ERSTE Sirius business complex on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

The workshop was opened with a short presentation of the participants and 1n1 mentoring meeting, where our dear mentees and mentors had the opportunity to spend their first time together and officially start their work. For the next 8 hours, our ambitious women dedicated their work to develop of their knowledge and skills in field of Project Management, Decision Making and Negotiation. A positive spirit and a great desire for knowledge sharing was especially prominent among our great workshop leaders – experts Gordana Lazarević, Tamara Glišić and Slavica Squire!

During the first part of the workshop, our participants had the opportunity to get concrete answers and advice in field of Project management from great experts Gordana Lazarević and Tamara Glišić Krivošija: What does the project cycle look like? What distinguishes a small and big projects? What we need for a good preparation of the project? How do we analyze the open calls for project proposals and what do we need to know before applying? How does the relationship between project leaders and project partners work? How to define goals, coordinate activities and track results? What are the indicators and how to use them? How to anticipate and reduce the risk? And finally, how to provide it through the necessary funds? Giving advices and sharing of experiences, Gordana and Tamara have led to the conclusion by emphasizing the proverb: “Never underestimate the possibility that a small group of people can change the world. In fact, they are the only ones to do so by now.”.

After a short break, the second part of the workshop followed, and it was, with great satisfaction, conducted by the most famous NLP trainer in Serbia and region, and founder of the first NLP Institute in Serbia – Slavica Squire. Slavica led our participants through the field of Decision making and Negotiation. By accessing these important themes for success in every aspect of life, from the perspective of NLP, Slavica has revealed to our participants what is important for self-understanding, understanding others and achieving inner peace and happiness. She explained that communication is the core of all our activities and presented the most appropriate way to better communicate our requests, suggestions, wishes and needs. Delighted by the perseverance of our participants for personal development, Slavica decided to bestow six copies of her new book: “NLP u svakom uspehu mirođija”, which made our participants very happy and grateful. This book offers selected NLP techniques to consciously and gradually sail into a new, magical world of success and prosperity.

After the successful completion of our First workshop: “She manages!”, the next stop in our ten-month adventure is – Celebration of the International Women’s Day in Krusevac, March 9, 2019!