The Program ,,Share your knowledge” is a unique program which gives opportunity for personal and professional development of women. The program is based on concept of mentoring, and is aimed on developing support between women, through sharing of knowledge, experience and solidarity, promotion of good role models, networking and making women stronger.The Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, ERSTE bank, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) jountly implement program “Share your knowledge” from 2010.

The main goal of the Program ,,Share your knowledge” is the professional and personal growth of women in our society, through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The main idea of the program is to have successful and competent women, leaders for different professions that will share their knowledge and experience with young women with similar interests in order to contribute to the making of new opportunities for young women for the development of their careers with the intention of making a positive shift and establishing a healthy base for future long-lasting cooperation.

The Mentoring model was developed in other parts of the world and it is successfully realized in all social areas, from science and business to politics. This model is adapted to Serbia considering our environment and social opportunities. The process of Serbia’s European integration is a process of institutional reform and building a democratic and prosperous society, empowered and successful women are one of the pillars of this society.

The program and its concept are based only on voluntarism and enthusiasm of mentors and mentees and their preparation and dedication are key factors in the success of the relationship between mentors and mentees.

Program components are:

  • Working with a mentor – through bilateral meeting and informal conversations, mutual encouragement and mobilization of mentors and mentees, creating opportunities for young women to start their own carriers or change their area of work, to continue developing
  • Mutual events – round tables and workshops, and different events that gather mentors and mentees, as well as the alumni, and all the others that are interested. Workshops are dedicated in developing skills that participants don’t have. Round tables are dedicated to conversations with different women from different professions about stories from their professional life as well as personal stories and challenges that they face
  • Individual support to mentors and mentees
  • Mentoring Walk – closing event of the Program, on which mentors and mentees are given certificates and an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of mentoring, networking and sharing knowledge

Program allows:

  • The Development of personal knowledge and skills
  • Economic and professional edification of women position in Serbia
  • Development of women leadership, as well as the perception of it
  • Creation a network of new leaders
  • Cooperation between generations
  • Transition of knowledge and experiences into the environment
  • Promotion of women success and accomplishments

Every year Open Call for Mentees is open publicly, and mentors are choosen based on profile of mentees (profesional and personal interest).

Call for Mentees is open every year October 1 – November 30.

Mentors can apply by filling online form, and thus become part of the mentor base. If we find a women of a similar profile, we contact potential mentors.

For any additional information you can write to