The European Movement in Serbia calls on the Serbian authorities to reject the extradition request for Belarusian political activist and fighter for democracy Andrey Gnyot where the High Court in Belgrade made the extrajudicial decision to extradite him to Belarus.

Andrey Gnyot, who was arrested several months ago while transiting through Belgrade airport, faces serious danger if extradited, due to his political views and activitism against the Belarusian regime. He could be sentenced to several years of imprisonment and his life could be put at risk. It is known, according to reports from international institutions and organizations monitoring human rights in Belarus, that several thousand political activists have been sentenced to long-term imprisonment under harsh conditions, and some regime opponents have lost their lives in prison.

We call on the Government of Serbia to respect the international conventions on the protection of political asylum seekers, which Serbia has ratified, and to stop the practice of extraditing persons persecuted for political reasons. This also violates the provisions of the domestic Law on Asylum and Temporary Protection, which prohibits the expulsion or extradition of a person “to a territory where there is a risk of being subjected to torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

We invite other civil society organizations in Serbia to actively join the defense of Andrey Gnyot, as well as other Belarusian and Russian activists against whom the Serbian authorities are taking expulsion or extradition measures contrary to international conventions and domestic law.