The new project of European Movement in Serbia, “Talks on the Future of
Serbia”, aims to contribute to the promotion of democratic values in our
country, with a special focus on young people.
Within this project, panels will be organized every month during 2022, with the goal of addressing the current topics with citizens and discussing what Serbia can and should look like. The talks will contribute to discovering what we all need to do to make Serbia’s future better, fairer, and more secure.

The talks were conceived as an exchange of opinion between experts and
young people. Young people are important participants in these talks because they are the potential drivers of change in Serbia. Through their comments, questions, and dilemmas, we will try to draft what Serbia could look like in a couple of years. An important result of the project is the creation of recommendations for Serbia, not only as an EU member, but a country in which we all want to stay and which everyone enjoys coming to.
We are organizing this series of talks with the support and in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, as part of marking the 30th  anniversary of European Movement in Serbia.
The first panel on the topic of political culture was held on March 23, when Boban Stojanović, political scientist, Zoran Gavrilović, sociologist, Sanja Radović, anthropologist, and Igor Božić, news director of N1 TV, talked to the students.
The second panel on the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine on the Western Balkans is scheduled for May 4, 2022.

The project will run from March to December 2022.