At the ceremony in Belgrade, which was followed on Facebook and YouTube channels, the award “The Contribution of the Year to Europe for 2020” was presented to Mrs. Jelisaveta Vasilic, a member of the Anti-Corruption Council.

This recognition was established 19 years ago by the European Movement in Serbia and the International European Movement, and is awarded every year for a speech, book, concrete action or attitude of an individual, organization or group of citizens who have significantly contributed to European integration and promotion of European ideas and values in our country.

The President of the European Movement in Serbia, Jelica Minic, emphasized that Mrs. Vasilic, with her work and professionalism, gives an example of how it is possible to fight corruption as one of the biggest problems of Serbian society today in order to achieve the rule of law so Serbia can become a “Res publica”.

Minic stated that Jelisaveta Vasilic was often the target of attacks by politicians in the highest positions due to her dedicated work in the fight against corruption.

With her work so far and personal example of steadfastness in the fight against corruption, and above all sincere commitment to the values ​​that we in the European Movement share with her, Mrs. Jelisaveta Vasilic undoubtedly stands shoulder to shoulder with previous laureates, now members of the jury.

Vasilic thanked everyone and said that she was pleased to receive the award from an institution which has the sign “European” because it means that it stands for the same values ​​as the Council she is a member of – the fight for the rule of law, European cooperation and the battle against corruption in a state in which “crime has reached its greatest extent.”

“I am proud that such an award giver recognized a worthy recipient in me,” Mrs. Vasilic told reporters. “Although I am many years old, I think that this award will give me an incentive to continue to fight. It is certain that I will not stop. ”

Secretary General Zvezdana Kovac said that the moments when the European Movement in Serbia awards recognitions are lovely, but that the moments when it receives recognition are also beautiful. Mrs. Kovac stated that the organization is very pleased to have earned the greatest recognition of the Council of Europe – the Council of Europe flag.

The flag was handed over in front of the Council of Europe office in Belgrade by Mission Chief Tobias Flessenkemper, who said: “There is no substitute for our

Photo by Marko Vlaovic

commitment to common values. Each of us must defend, support and develop our institutions, holding them accountable. This is one of the stories the flag tells us. ”

We shared this moment with the guests and dear associates including the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia Mr. Sem Fabrizi, the Ambassador of Portugal Mrs. Maria Virginia Pina,

the country holding the presidency of the European Union since January 1st,  and the Deputy Ambassador of Germany Ms. Dorothea Gieselmann, the country holding the presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

Sam Fabrizi: “We must not forget those who carry the flag of the rule of law, human rights and the flag of a better future every day. Today I express my closeness and solidarity with the European Movement in Serbia and the people you recognize as fighters for a better Serbia.”

Maria Virginia Pina: “Portugal is a country that strongly believes in Europe and European integration, and that is why I strongly support tonight’s initiative. I would like to commend the EMinS for the work it is doing and their commitment to European integration.”

Dorothea Gieselmann: “Thank you for your outstanding work on Serbia’s European integration and acceptance of the principles of the Council of Europe. The flag shared by the EU and the Council of Europe is a good symbol of common values ​​and principles in Europe.”

The flag of the Council of Europe will be placed in our office at 31 Kralja Milana Street in Belgrade, to remind us of success and be an additional motive to continue our struggle on the path to European integration.