On July 24, 2021, during a  regular assembly of the National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS), the European Movement in Serbia (EMinS), as well as four other organizations, gained the status of a full member of this association. Additionally, KOMS also accepted 14 other organizations with the status of associate member.

The procedure of gaining membership in KOMS was initiated by the Youth Forum of EMinS, due to the awareness that young people in Serbia encounter numerous problems in almost all fields, starting from education and employability, up to the inability to actively participate in society. One of the main goals of the EMinS includes seizing opportunities to improve the position of young people in Serbia. In order to acquire full membership, EMinS had to successfully demonstrate its commitment to working with young people through various projects and campaigns.

KOMS is a significant advocacy platform that acts as a link between young people, its member organizations, and various decision-makers, with the aim of improving the position of young people.

Membership in an organization such as KOMS will be of great use for the further work of Youth Forum as a part of the EMinS, since it allows the Forum to be involved in a rich network of relevant organizations that also fight for the better position of youth. The full membership  status will also allow the Youth Forum to continue working, through cooperation and partnerships, in accordance with its strategic plan, primarily in the fields of culture, informing, education, activism, and employability.