At the ministerial conference “A larger, stronger Union – making the European Union fit for enlargement and future members fit for accession“, which was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, on November 2, 2023, in Berlin, and attended by the ministers, parliamentarians, and representatives of civil society organizations and academic community from the EU and the Western Balkans. The second panel, which was open to questions from the audience, was attended by Anna Luhrmann, German Minister for Europe and Climate, Tiago Antunes, State Secretary for European Affairs of Portugal, Gaele Marti, member of the Franco-German expert group and Margarita Šešelgytė, from the University of Vilnius. In the session open to the participation of the audience, representatives of the European Movement from Germany, Italy and Serbia played a dominant role. President of the European Movement in Serbia, dr. Jelica Minić accentuated the initiative of think tanks from the Western Balkans, which electricity companies from the region joined. At this year’s Western Balkans 6 Summit of the Berlin Process, they formulated a request for the countries of the region to be included in the European energy market, by granting free credits within the European Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), which would be a valuable incentive for decarbonization of power systems in the region as the main polluters, and a potentially large source of investment funds for the development of renewable energy sources. In addition, this would protect the countries of the region from the newly introduced carbon taxes (CBAM), which can cause great damage to their economies. By accepting this proposal, the EU would demonstrate the advantages of sectoral integration into the EU single market in a concrete manner, by initiating a process in the energy sector, which would be understandable and well accepted by citizens of the entire region.