With the support of the German Federal Foreign Office, the European Movement in Serbia is launching a new project – “Serbia at the time of Corona – Facts and Achievements“.

From December 1st this year, we will record video clips twice a week, one lasting about 3 minutes and the other up to a maximum of 30 minutes. In the first clip, experts from various fileds will briefly explain the facts and figuers, as well as their assumptions and predictions about events on the topic they are talking about. These clips will be released every Tuesday and will serve as na introduction to other, longer videos, in which experts will talk in more detail about the topic as well as answer questions. Everyone who follows us on social networks will have the opportunity to send questions to experts. Video clips with the answers will be broadcasted every Friday. In that way, it will be enabled to include as many citizens as possible in the discussion, give a clearer picture and provide a better understanding of current topics.

H.E. Thomas Schieb, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Serbia, and Jelica Minic, President of the European Movement in Serbia, signed the agreement on November 18th, 2020.

With this project, we intend to raise the awarenesss of the general population about the consequences of what we are surviving today, and the analyses of experts through their short briefings will be available to all relevant public institutions on the national level.

What distinguishes this project from similar ones are the format, content and visibility. Our media partner in this project is Beta News Agency, through which other media in the country will have access to our video material and possibility to share it.

The project will last for six months, from December 1st, 2020 to June 1st, 2021 and the total budget is 29,880 euros.