Belgrade, 2009
European Movement in Serbia
In the context of events in which regionalism, as a concept, gets a special place in the political life of Serbia, since we are one step away from the decentralization of the country, the book “The regional policy of the EU as an engine of economic development” receives a significant role in explaining some of the concepts and approaching the concepts to our professional and general public. Two ideas of solidarity and cohesion, sum the values that are the basis of regionalism. Solidarity, a principle who’s applying achieves one of the goals of this concept, and that is the benefit for citizens and regions that are socially and economically below the average of other EU member states. Cohesion, which is the ultimate goal, aims for reducing gaps in income and wealth between poor countries and regions and those who are wealthier. The book deals with prediction of development perspectives, as well as the challenges with which the regions will face after 2013.