On Saturday, May 26th, participants of the “Share Your Knowledge” program affirmed that you learn best through playing! During the three hour ThreeP (3 – People, Profit, Planet) game session participants went through the different phases and situations appearing during company management and got to know the concept of social entrepreneurship! Lessons like knowing that a good idea is always a good thing but that a good idea with a good plan in tow is the best thing, also that surprises are natural occurrences and that it is okay to make mistakes but that it is most important to keep going to your ultimate goal kept coming up! The game message that entrepreneurship is, alongside profits, if not more of profits, it is equally important to take care of people and the planet! Playing the ThreeP gave participants the opportunity to articulate their business ideas, to find out where to start and what awaits them on the dynamic road of entrepreneurship! The ThreeP board game is an educational game with the goal of teaching its players the basics of social entrepreneurship. The game’s author is the Center for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship (CDOP).

Players most committed to creating a strategy won out in the end but everyone greeted the “Now I’m Taking Over!” roundtable with a smile and in great anticipation. The “Now I’m Taking Over!” roundtable was opened by “Share Your Knowledge” Project Manager Svetlana Stefanović, presenting an overview of the state of female entrepreneurship and motivated the successful participants from different fields to share their experiences.

Milica Čalija, founder and co-owner of “Angel Cakes”, spoke on the challenges in growing and expanding her desert business. She stated that it is important to have a mission and that entrepreneurship is not a goal onto itself but that through creating a product or providing a service we create much more value for each individual.

Sanida Klarić, founder and owner of the “BIO Idea” line of soaps, imparted her experiences onto the participants like how the experience of working for a large company was and how to start your own company. In the end, Sanida highlighted that it is important to consider others and help one another as she does through providing free education and training to categories of society under threat on how to make revenue.

Tatjana Obradović Tošić, entrepreneur and founder of kadonavodi.com (When she takes the lead) gave practical advice to program participants, among other topics on how to balance their professional and private lives.

Sanja Milosavljević,founder and owner of “My Nest”, inspired program participants with a story on the advantages and pleasures of domestic manufacturing and sent through a message that small firms bring great success with them!

After sharing their knowledge and experiences the entrepreneurs, through the methodology of speed dating, talked about the business ideas of our participants and gave them practical and concrete advice to develop each idea individually while our participants posed questions and, through taking in this knowledge, made their own initiatives stronger!

The roundtable helped program participants hear different stories with the same sense of inspiration and encouragement and enabled them to TAKE OVER!