The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted shortcomings in a number of sectors in all Western Balkan countries – from weakened health systems, vulnerable democratic institutions and the judiciary, to aid-dependent economies and unsustainable environmental and energy policies. All countries in the region face similar problems and challenges.

The European Movement in Serbia, with the support of the European Fund for the Balkans, is launching the “Vicinity Chronicles” project, which aims to inform the public and institutions in the region and the EU on a weekly basis about important social and political events in each country. ” Vicinity Chronicles ” is part of the “Vicinity” platform, which inherits the great success of the first regional television series, which became broadcast on 12 televisions in all countries of the former Yugoslavia and Albania during six seasons (2012-2018). We continue the mission through similar formats in the desire to prepare societies in our part of the world for the true acceptance of European values, and not just for EU membership.

Every Wednesday, six texts by authors from different fields will be published on the ” Vicinity Chronicles ” portal, and the impact of the pandemic on everyday life will be common to all. The authors of the texts will be from the ranks of representatives of the civil society sector and experts from various fields. In addition to texts, video clips and interesting tweets from all Western Balkan countries will be published. Voja Zanetic and Zoran Kesic will be regular columnists of the “Vicinity Chronicles ” portal. In the ” Vicinity Chronicles”, we nurture a culture of dialogue, tolerance and international cooperation

The project is funded by: the European Fund for the Balkans

Project duration: October 2020 – December 2021.