Representatives of the Forum for International Relations of the European Movement in Serbia (EMinS), Duško Lopandić, president of the Forum, along with members Jelica Minić and Srećko Djukić, visited Mr. Andrey Gnyot, a Belarusian journalist, political activist, and fighter for democracy, who was arrested several months ago while transiting through Belgrade airport. Previously, the European Movement in Serbia has issued a public appeal, urging Serbian authorities to reject the extradition request for Mr. Gnyot where the High Court in Belgrade made an extrajudicial decision to extradite him to Belarus, where many political prisoners – convicted opponents of the Belarusian regime face long-term imprisonment under harsh conditions, some even losing their lives in prison.

The representatives of the Forum for International Relations of EMinS object the Serbian authorities’ practice of expelling or extraditing Belarusian, Russian, and other political activists, which contravenes international conventions and domestic laws. They offered Mr. Gnyot their support before domestic and international institutions and wider public.