The study visit was organized on September 12 in Mali Iđoš. The aim of the study visit was to introduce mentors to the Source Hub in Mali Iđoš – a coworking space run by entrepreneur Karolina Herbut. Participants were introduced to the story of a successful entrepreneur leader in a small rural town in Vojvodina, the challenges and successes in the development of the source Hub and the cooperation of women in the community. After visiting the Source Hub, at the Katai farm, the participants were interviewed by representatives of the Mali Iđoš Women’s Forum, which develops social and innovative services that they provide to vulnerable categories of society in and around Mali Iđoš.

Mentors, mentors and alumni were hosted by Karolina Herbut, founder of Source Hub, and Eržebet Zidai, president of the Mali Iđoš Women’s Forum.

The study visit was organized in compliance with all necessary preventive measures in accordance with the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic.