While young people generally endorse democracy as a good governance system and recognize the importance of media and civil society in a healthy society, their actual participation in civil and political spheres remains rather modest, and their sentiment on implementation of democratic and European values in Serbia is unfavorable to a concerning extent. This is the result of the collective fears stemming from inadequate governance, as well as the doubt of young people that they have enough opportunities and power to initiate change.

Solving these challenges requires the empowerment of civil society, especially through strengthening the capacity of young people to be initiators of social change and generators of social impact.

For those reasons, this project aims to foster youth activism in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, enhancing their capacity for engagement in addressing local community issues, within the framework of promoting democratic and European values.

This 15-mont project entails mapping of participants needs assessment, 2 workshops within 2 Hubs ‘’Youth is (for) the Solution’’ for 80 youth participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, compilation of micro-plans for youth actions on local levels, and dynamic campaign for the promotion of the actionable proposals for positive change in local communities and among young people.

Activities within the project:

  1. Mapping and selection of participants from 3 countries
  2. Needs assessment
  3. Winter and Summer Hubs
  4. Publication on youth leadership initiatives ‘’Youth is (for) the Solution’’

Duration of the project: October 1st 2023 – December 30th 2024

This project is funded by a grant from the US Embassy in Belgrade.